█████╗ ██████╗  ██████╗ ██╗   ██╗████████╗    ███╗   ███╗███████╗
██╔══██╗██╔══██╗██╔═══██╗██║   ██║╚══██╔══╝    ████╗ ████║██╔════╝
███████║██████╔╝██║   ██║██║   ██║   ██║       ██╔████╔██║█████╗  
██╔══██║██╔══██╗██║   ██║██║   ██║   ██║       ██║╚██╔╝██║██╔══╝  
██║  ██║██████╔╝╚██████╔╝╚██████╔╝   ██║       ██║ ╚═╝ ██║███████╗
╚═╝  ╚═╝╚═════╝  ╚═════╝  ╚═════╝    ╚═╝       ╚═╝     ╚═╝╚══════╝

About Me

Hello there! I'm a 18-year-old who goes by the pseudonym "hamborgr" but you can also call me "ham" for short. I love technology and have slowly fallen down the digital privacy and security rabbit hole in mid 2020 thanks to a close friend of mine who will also be linked
in the Credits.

I built my PC on my own and have also worked on some smaller projects like text based games in Python and working with Blender to create assets for a 3D game with my friends which was sadly never finished. All in all, I enjoy doing and learning new things technology related which is also another reason for why this Website exists.

Contact Me

Email ~ ham.valew[@]slmail[.]me
Matrix ~ @not_ham:matrix.sw1tchbl4d3.com
Discord ~ hamborgr#7046

About this Website

As stated above, this website was created from scratch to try out and learn something new. Not only is this my first website, but I also had to learn HTML among a few other things. This website was made purely for fun and as a project with the intention to share my experiences regarding things related to technology and digital privacy from which I hope some people and myself might learn a few things and enjoy the content that will be posted here.

If you need to contact me because of a typo, bad or misleading information, feedback or anything else, feel free to use the contact information given above.
Other, more detailed information regarding this website and what you should know beforehand, can be found under Disclaimers.

As you can expect, this website is currently hosted on Codeberg with the source code being free to view and use as you wish on my Codeberg page under the CC0 1.0 license.